About the event

21st EURALEX International Congress
Lexicography and Semantics

21. Međunarodni kongres EURALEXA
Leksikografija i semantika


Institute for the Croatian Language

The Institute for the Croatian Language is a public scientific institute. It serves as the central national scientific research institution dedicated to the study of the Croatian language, including its historical development, organic idioms, and the promotion of Croatian language standards. In essence, it plays a significant role in formulating and coordinating Croatian language policy.

The core activities and mission of the Institute for the Croatian Language (ICL) revolve around scientific research within the humanities, specifically in the field of philology. These activities encompass the systematic scientific examination of the Croatian language, including its standard language expression, history, dialects, and heritage, and the creation of essential lexicographic works and other linguistic resources for the Croatian language. Furthermore, it engages in linguistics research.


The conference will be organized as a hybrid event and while we encourage everyone to participate on-site, we plan to provide live streaming and recording of the event for registered participants. Please note that authors are expected to present on-site though. A general exception to this rule will be granted to authors from Ukraine.


Conference fee (lunches included) – cca 350 EUR

Conference dinner (transport included) – cca 60 EUR

Excursion to Dubrovnik – cca 35 EUR